Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use are applicable for the use of Consumer website.

The following Terms of Use are applicable for the use of Consumer site and its service(s). Any further query regarding the declaration should be linked to our site administrator(s).

Terms & Conditions of Consumer

Consumer anticipates that the users of this site will proceed to lodge their complaint and write messages with an affirmative determination with a view to helping other users and taking us right step to progress with the complaint related etiquette’s and our service.

A complaint related post to Consumer is expected to be a testimonial entails a state of affair the user experienced. A post of this kind is only the individual outlook of a user. This sort of post contents may or may not have explicit statement. Thus, Consumer does not bear responsibility of the varied interpretation of like complaint post(s). Interpretation of viewers/readers varies because of their viewpoint, knowledge, real world experience and many more.

Consumer preserves all the right to validate any content of the complaints. We do not renovate or rearrange any post unless they contain explicit or abusive contents which can cause disturbance to the virtual forum. We do not censor any post if they are edited by the user in his own accord.

The complaint posts are expected to be the subjective experience of the user. This process would enable users to include detail information about the posts, their opinion and, respective solution as conscious being, responsible citizen and, lawful individual or contractually liable in fact. Our user should make it clear that they are not contractually liable in fact.

Consumer expects taking the user total responsibility of discussing the post related content if they are contractually liable that they would not make clear statement about their post. We display the messages in public so, the users would take the responsibility anywhere they refuse to make statement about their post in our site.

The complaint related posts are the opinion of our users or organizations and the third party site users. We do not display any of our posts or our judgment regarding users post.

Consumer is a Complaints site which does not deal with the provision of contact info for any commercial purpose.

Consumer does not solve consumer’s complains. We help their complaints to achieve resolution.

We advise users to register with Consumer for their own interest and use of the site. We discourage users to share registration information with others. Users should not allocate their account with our site to others.

Consumer is a free-to-use site.

Your complaint posts may be guided by search engines.

Other users and organizations may send you emails to communicate with you regarding the complaint posts.

The users of Consumer will be responsible for the contents of their complaint posts. We do not censor or edit your complaint posts.

Third party or the search engines may index or reproduce our users’ complaint posts or post related information which Consumer does not bear any responsibility. We depict the posts for public notice only.

Consumer does not ensure validity of users’ complaint posts in

Consumer does not take responsibility to forward commercial responses to the users complaints posted publicly in Consumer or addressed to the businesses.

Consumer does not detect any inappropriate or unfitting information provided by the users in their complaint posts. Our administrator(s) only remove the posts upon users’ instruction.

Consumer responds to the Court’s instruction to renovate, remove or delete any part or the full post of any user.

Consumer believes that the users show their affirmation in making complaint posts for Consumer which will be beneficial to their own welfare.

Complaint posts are the factual information of the users’ actual observation. Some of these post’s data are often inexact or inadequate.

Consumer does not detect any inappropriate or unfitting information provided by the users in their complaint posts. Our administrator(s) only remove the posts upon users’ instruction.

User Conduct

It is the strict condition of Consumer that the users will not make any statement which is illegal, forbidden and, authoritatively banned.

Consumer provides service to individuals only. User consent to the service policy is automatically granted. We forbid any commercial exploit of the service.

You are obliged to the state and international rules and regulations about the contents of your post. You may limit your obligation to certain policies which we do not liable to maintain.

User Disagreement

Users may not agree with the terms of certain policies which are not specified by Consumer You may not agree to:

Consume the service which aim surveys and contests.

Respond to chain letters, spam or junk mails.

Violate the legitimate right of other users or institutions.

Post any content of racist and provincial practice or any unfitting content violating public interests.

Make commercial venture or service such as, advertisement, pamphlets, etc.

Gather information of other user without their permission.

Make pseudo or false account to mislead public users.
Copy, index or database the user info of third party services.

Post any malicious object.

Post others copyright content or software without their permission.
Make attempt to access other users’ account.

Make attempt to cause any interference to the service of Consumer

Make immoral effort to hack or break the security system of the service provided by Consumer

Consumer has no responsibility to observe the users’ service policy. Nevertheless, Consumer has the right to observe, assess, preserve or release any post to satisfy established legal formalities or government issues.


Consumer demands the users’ responsibility to protect any authentic interest of Consumer, the staff of Consumer, agents and the third parties involved to the service.

Online Content

The complaint posts are not verified by Consumer Hence, the users or the post writers would be solely responsible for the validity or precision of their posts. Consumer does not take any responsibility to bring about resolution to the post authors’ inaccuracy of their posts. We do not bear responsibility to failure of the users’ intent.

Data Removal

Consumer has the right to assess any content published in Consumer We are the authority to retain or delete any post or post content although we are not obliged to do that.

 Spams and Damages

Consumer terminates the spams and damages immediately to persist the public environment of our site.

IP Ban and Account Closure

Consumer keeps the right to ban users’ account or terminate access to any part of the account or the service we provide without any prior notice if violation of our Terms of Use occurrs.

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