Wbsedcl: Degree from IGNOU is not Valid

Wbsedcl: Degree from IGNOU is not Valid

Recently wbsedcl recruiting for the post of office executive, in which they mention that the Degree from IGNOU is not valid or degree from open university is not valid to appear for the examination. If our state government is not supporting the open university students to appear in competitive exams then why these universities are(…)

WBSEDCL Regarding Their Wrong Recruitment Policies

Respected Sir, Let me initiate my letter by specifying that I made an application for the position of Assistant Engineer (IT & C), as per Notification Number MPP/2013/02 in West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (A Government of West Bengal Enterprise). I would like to mention here that my application no. is 811141 and(…)

WBSEDCL: Not Resolving any Issue

Respected Sir/Madam, One of my neighbor, Mr. Bablu Karmakar, took my permission while using my land building premise, for installation of service angle, while he opted for new electric connection, few years back. Recently I am planning to go for a house repairing and renovation. So I have spoken to Bablu Karmakar on the same(…)

WBSEDCL : Excess Delay in Providing a New Connection

West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd making excess delay in providing new connection Dear Sir, This is to inform you that I am an ex-employee from the Indian Navy, presently staying at West Bengal, East Medinipore, Panskura Municiple Corporation, Navapally,SuranankarNo. 1. My complaint is – I had applied for a new connection at WBSEDCL(…)

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