Vodafone provides faulty bill at Maharastra

Complaint: Faulty bill and incorrect information provided by Vodafone agents and even the system. I am using the vodafone postpaid (9833424021) since many years. Since last few months, had started using the “Friend And Family” service i.e. once free vodafone number at the rental of 49. One month back there was a new Vodafone Red plan got(…)

Vodafone GSM: User Abusing on Fake Calls

Respected Sir, I am to inform you that someone is abusing me by calling on my number at my home. He is using very abusive language and no action is taken yet. The problem has continued still and I am receiving calls and the person is misbehaving with me. I don’t know how these nonsense(…)

Vodafone (Uttarakhand): Poor Customer Care Service

I am not able to receive any kind of message from the Australian mobile phone and the problem is with me only as other phones are receiving the messages. My number is of new series starting with 8006. Nobody is actually able to correct it and I feel that the customer cares are useless. Please(…)

Vodafone, Rajasthan: Huge Extra Charges

This is to inform you that I have been charged an extra amount in my billing cycle which I have received this time. An amount of Rs.753.40/- for Vodafone Mobile Connect and Rs.68.90 for Vodafone Live was charged along with my bill. According to my plan (VMC+VL) at Rs.199/- plan was activated with w.e.f 26th(…)

Vodafone Gujarat : Huge Bill for International Roaming

Dear Sir/ Mam, I am a Vodafone customer since a long time. My Vodafone number is +91 9879580125. I am running a business due to which I travel overseas multiple times. 2 years back while I was traveling to London my Vodafone number was charged with an excess credit limit without my consent or any(…)

Vodafone Karnataka: Erroneous Bill

My name is Dhiraj Khare and I am a regular consumer Vodafone mobile service. I have been disbursing two Vodafone Karnataka lines for last 2(two) years numbered, 8884406775 and 8884406525. Last month I decided to take the 3G plan for my mobile in 8884406775 number and called the Relationship Manager. The Relationship Manager informed me(…)

Vodafone, Karnataka: Threatening Customers

Implausible Persecution of Vodafone Karnataka: Family members suffered Hi Team, I am a user of Vodafone Karnataka. On December 14, 2013 at 2PM I received a call from a person called Rahul Das who claimed himself to be the lawyer of Vodafone Karnataka. He informed me that I had a pending bill of Rs.12000 which(…)

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