Tele-shopping: Forcibly Selling Products

Complaint: I am not order the product only visit and fill the information detail only,and they had not inform about to send the product the bill no:1199 product name:paint zoom sprayer courier name:gati docket no:420299614 Company & Product name: tele shopping,paint zoom sprayer Category of Complaint: Business & Finances Name: RAMAKRISHNAN E-mail: Country: India(…)

Tele-Shopping: Sold Defective Product

Complaint: dear sir, I bought a 32 GB pen camera on 03/06/2014 from Tele-shopping product, 460, Regional tower,Mumbai Andheri East,400069.(S. NO. 512). From beginning day this camera is not working at all till date. I tried to contact with tele shopping customer care but I failed, they didn’t received my phone. So I request you(…)

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