Tata Docomo, Rajasthan: Fake Mobile Calls

Please not that I receive calls from a Tata Docomo number 9042970859 very frequently and the caller keeps asking about our whereabouts like name, address and other personal details. By any chance a male voice attends the call, then the call would be disconnected and the caller would call back after half an hour or(…)

Tata Docomo, Karnataka: Outgoing Barred

Hi, I am a TATA DOCOMO user. My outgoing has been barred by Team TATA DOCOMO for more than 4(four) days with the accusation that I make commercial calls. I do use the connection only to call family and friends and have very good payment history. I repeatedly reached to them with my request of(…)

TATA DOCOMO Karnataka: New Connection not Activated

Hi, I had been using Vodafone connection for 6(six) years. In the first week on November 2013 I asked for an NMP from Vodafone to TATA DOCOMO. Vodafone transferred my number to TATA DOCOMO and my use of TATA DOCOMO signals started on the date of November 29, 2013 23:37PM. After that I called 15(fifteen)(…)

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