SBI not Linking Adhar to Bank Account

Sir I am sai kumar. I am not getting my as subsidy because of my Adhar No & State Bank of India a/c are not linking to NPCI my Adhar no is 481604348191 and my SBI A/c number is 20133040012 please link my Adhar & Bank a/c to NPCI(national payment corporation of India).

SBI (New Silchar Branch): Not Processing Family Pension

Dear Sir/ Madam Please be noted that I am a widow and I reside in the village of Uttar Krishnapur, Pt-II, MLA Lane, Sonai road, Silchar – 788006, Cachar. I had made my application for a family pension. However, I find that the process has not yet been activated and no procedures are done to(…)

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