RTO, Barrackpore: Delaying Transfer of Vehicle Registration

RTO, Barrackpore: Delaying Transfer of Vehicle Registration

I want to transfer the registration of my Scooty from RTO Bangalore, Karnataka to RTO Barrackpur, West Bengal. I have submitted the application, along with all the documents requested, to RTO Barrackpur, West Bengal on 8th December 2014. I have collected the no objection certificate from RTO Bangalore, which was approved by Bangalore Police Commisoner,(…)

West Bengal RTO: delaying ownership transfer

Complaint: I had purchased a second hand car of make Volkswagen model Polo Registration no: WB 02 AE 2042 from a friend of mine and applied for the ownership transfer on 10th July 2014. After several delays the ownership got transferred on 22nd September. It is been 30th October I still don’t have the registration papers(…)

RTO, Jayanagar : Driving Test- inapt result

Consumer Complaint against RTO, Jayanagar, Bangalore: Driving License Test- inapt result! Hi, My name is Priya Reshma. November 21, 2013 was the day set for my 4 wheeler driving license test. Two other ladies also took test alongside me. According to the feedback of the test in charge Mr. I A Khan the two other(…)

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