Reliance Life Insurance

Reliance life insurance not surrendering policy

Complaint: reliance life people are not cooperating in case of surrendering policies. Company & Product name: RELIANCE LIFE INSURANCE Category of Complaint: Business & Finances Name: PRATIK GALA E-mail: [email protected] Country: India State: Maharashtra Phone: 9975707070

Consumer Complaint against Reliance Life Insurance | Consumer Complaint

Complaint: Mis-Selling and fraud caused to me by Reliance Life Insurance Co. & C.S. Insurance Brokers Ltd! Dear Sir, I, Mr. Debasish Nayak was approached by your Corporate Insurance Broking Partner, C.S. Insurance Brokers Ltd. On dated 27.08.2013, stating that they are calling from Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Head Office, Delhi. They claimed that(…)

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