Reliance GSM

Chhattisgarh Reliance GSM : Poor Customer Care Services

Dear Sir/ Mam, I won a reliance GSM number. I am highly disappointed with the company’s customer care services in Chhattisgarh. Not only me but many other reliance GSM customer’s are facing a lot of inconveniences. The Reliance Company has closed all its customer care centers in Chhattisgarh. The Reliance customer care phone numbers provided(…)

Reliance GSM, Chhattisgarh: Unwonted Commercial SMS

Dear Sir/ Mam, I own a reliance GSM mobile number. My number is +91 9098422284. I am highly disappointed with the company’s commercial Ad SMS on my phone throughout the day & even during mid nights sometimes. Last year I had already registered my number with the company for the same. I have clearly asked(…)

Reliance GSM, Orissa : UPC Code not Generated

Dear Sir/ Mam, My name is Sukanti jena. I own a reliance GSM number. My number is 9778647662. I want to port my number to another network by MNP because I am facing very poor customer care services by my present network. Reliance network is providing very expensive value added services & call rate. I(…)

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