Paytm Team

Paytm: Product not Delivered

Complaint: Hello, I have ordered a american tourister backpack with the order no. 657995148 And the estimated delivery was 21st November 2014.. And still I have not been informed about it…consider it and reply soon Thank you Company & Product name: American tourister backpack Category of Complaint: -> Online Shopping Name: KIRAN KULKARNI E-mail: [email protected](…)

Paytm Team: Amount Deducted with No-Recharge

Dear Sir, My name is Samson Molsom and I am a resident of Happy Valley Shillong. On 31 July 2012, I have made an online payment through to recharge my BSNL pre-paid number. My BSNL mobile number is +91 9436372061. When I made the online transaction, a sum of Rs.510 was deducted from my(…)

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