Paytm: sent faulty speaker to customer (Haryana)

Complaint: I have ordered 2 speakers from Paytm on 24 Aug-2014, on 27 Aug,2014 I received only one, I have raised the request also, but no body from Paytm responded. On the invoice one vendor name of belspirit was there, who has actually delivered the speakers on behalf of paytm. They have responded and sent the(…)

Paytm: sent wrong product and cheated (Tamil Nadu)

Complaint: I had ordered SONY MDR XB400 which is cost Rs 2000 and I got discount 40% cashback 800 rupees total paid =Rs 1200. Here is the problem when I got the delivery the product I received is SONY MDR XB450 not SONY MDR XB400 actually it [sony mdrxb400] costs about  1800-2000 rupees and interesting thing is(…)

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