Passport Office

Passport office: Showing Fraudulent Act

Complaint: As per scheduled appointment date,I reached Passport office Patna but clerk return my file whereas Annexture -D is only applicable for Woman applicant but clerk asked me to submit Annexture-D that is totally wrong. kindly take necessary action against office authorities for wasting my valuable time and money and giving physical and mental tension. My(…)

Ahmedabad Passport Office -Delay in issuing Passport

Complaint: I have applied for passport on 15/02/2014, but till date i have not received my passport. I have also visited ahmedabad RPO for the same,but till date they have not issued me my passport. my details are here under. Name: Nitin Sheth Passport File:AH3067575155814 DOB:26/11/1981 ARn:14-0001740422 Company & Product name: Passport Office Ahmedabad Category of Complaint:(…)

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