Oriental Insurance

Oriental Insurance: Cliam is Pending from 5 months

I have Oriental Insurance Happy flatter family medicliam policy. policy no 14120048201420415.last year 23 /9/14 my daughter hospitalized for viral fever.she Discharge on 27/9/14. All claime related documents submit on 29/9/14 to my insurance agent . Dev.off.code NA0000003822.Agent code:BA0000049895 Named Mahesh B.Goswami.still my claim is not proceed. pls take some strong step for it.

Oriental Insurance (Cheating in Policy Renewal)

Complaint: Oriental Insurance during renewal time, cheated me . I am using bike yamaha r15 model 2009 its resale amount is 95000/- my policy insurance covered amount is 12000/- how can it possible. Oriental insurance cheated me and I need a help for this.  I have reported this complaint to authorised authority so sir please(…)

14 Consumer Complaints against Oriental Insurance

14 Consumer Complaints against Oriental Insurance

Day by day consumer complaints are piling up against the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd, India. It seems like Oriental insurance holders are not satisfied with the service provided by the company.  Here are few consumer complaints made against Oriental Insurance! 1. Insurance claim rejected – Complaint by Ravi Nair Ravi Nair who is an insurance(…)

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