LIC of India : Online Payment not Update

Dear sir, My policy no. is 733251990. I have made online payment of Rs.1232/- with on 28.02.14. The amount was debited from my a/c. But till now receipt not received and further payment i can’t make it online for the year 2014-15. I request you to kindly clear and do the needful regards chandreshan(…)

LIC of India : Delay in Death Claim

Complaint: Lic of india me Basant Kumar Sahu P.N. 386029806 ka insurance tha Unka Death 01.03.2013 ko ho gaya hai. Unaka Death Claim ke liye hum log 28.06.2013 ko kiye hai lekin aaj tak Claim paas nahi huaa hai aur na hi kisi prakar ki lic ki or se Letter ya Msg. Kiya gaya hai.(…)

LIC of India, Mumbai: Maturity Amount not Paid

This is to enlighten the fact that I have not received my payment on my pension from the LIC even after making an RTI application on 12.12.2013 along with a mandatory fee of Rs.10/- and attaching a postal order. However I have not received any kind of feedback till date. Kindly advice as tow hat(…)

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