Idea Celular

Idea Cellular Disconnected Service

Dear Sir, It is with a very heavy heart to bring to your kind notice about the looting, cheating, harassment and mental tension created for their gentleman customers by IDEA. As follow: That we have four numbers 9914703461, 9855603461; 9814660461 and 9781993461 in the name of my daughter in law Mrs Tarandeep Kaur under corporate(…)

Idea Cellular Ltd, Nagaland: Request for Deactivation

I had recently taken a new postpaid connection (MSISDN No. 9085032374) from Idea Cellular Ltd. However, I no longer need it and I want to surrender the same.Hence, it would be nice if my connection is deactivated at the earliest. Thanking you. Dipali Sarma M: 9678072135 House No.5, Sachal Path, Near Nagaland House, Six Mile,(…)

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