Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular : Not Activating Mobile Numbers

Respected Sir, I deposited all the requisite documents for activation of my mobile number on 9th at  Gwalior Office , Jinsi Nala and forwarded the same on 11th of the month. Then why the documentation is not done on time? My mobile numbers are 7354919319, 7354919348,7697956943 and 7354919349. All these numbers are not working, though(…)

Idea Cellular: Charging for Unused Mobile

My name is Amrish Singh. I’m using Idea (Post paid), number is 9669696971. I had put forward a request to close this number after paying the amount that was due. Still, I was charged Rs. 200 and I have no idea what was that for. The confirmation was done twice before making the payment. I(…)

Idea Cellular Gujarat Circle: Auto Balance Deducted

Dear Sir/ Mam, On 1st February a sum of Rupees 49/- was subtracted from my Idea account. A message was displayed for the same. I was ‘Thank you for downloading ALL channels fifteen days from APALYA, You have been charged rupees 49/-.’ Sir I haven’t downloaded any kind of Complaint on my phone. I request(…)

Idea Cellular, Maharashtra: Charged for Drop Calls

About 2 months back, I had made a complaint regarding call drop and charges levied for the same. Though the problem with the call drop has been cleared, the charges for the call drop have not be reversed, inspite of reminders to the customer care. Since they have not taken any action regarding the reversal(…)

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