ICFAI Sikkim : Not Responding to Students’ Problem

Dear Sir, I had enrolled for the distance course in MBA program under ICFAI University, Sikkim in the month of September 2011.At the time of admission, the Centre Head had promised and committed a lot of things to me and my father. A nutshell of the same are as given below: 1. There will be(…)

ICFAI, Tripura No Placement Assistance

Sir, This is to bring to your notice that I complete my MBA (Finance) through ICFAI, Tripura. When I joined, I was told that the Job Placement form will be mailed to me within 5-6 days after I complete my MBA. It has been 20 days since I received my degree and I have still(…)

ICFAI, Tripura : Poor Educational Service

Hello everyone! I would like to bring to your attention that ICFAI University has been highly unsatisfactory and the staff are inefficient. There is no response to the grievances posed by the students. In a way, the faith in the university has been a bad investment. The answer scripts are checked in an unprofessional manner(…)

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