Consumer Protection

Essay on Consumer Protection in India

Consumer Protection in India: Importance, Definition and Government’s Role in Consumer Protection Importance of Consumer Protection: The Consumer Protection Act, 1986: The C.P.A. was passed by the Parliament in 1986 and it came into force from 1987. Its purpose is to protect consumers against defective goods, unsatisfactory services, unfair trade practices, etc.

8 Important Ways and Means of Consumer Protection in India

Some of the important ways and means of consumer protection in India are as follows: 1. Lok Adalats 2. Public Interest Litigation (PIL) 3. Redressal Forums 4. Consumer Protection Councils 5. Eco-Mark Scheme 6. National Youth Award on Consumer Protection 7. Publicity Measures 8. Consumer Welfare Fund. 1. Lok Adalats: In India, Lok Adalats (or(…)

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