BSNL: Charging for Disconnected Broadband Services

Dear Sir/ Mam, In the month of September 2010 I had activated my BSNL broadband connection. At the time of availing the services I had deposited a sum of Rs. 1,750/-. Due to some personal family reasons I was unable to pay the bill for the month of November- December. I received a text message(…)

BSNL Himachal Pradesh: Cheated Customer with Mobile TV Option

This is in regards to my complaint against BSNL, Himachal Pradesh. I am a subscriber of BSNL (Connection no: 0941806765). Without my knowledge or consent the service provider initiated a service related to TV viewership on my mobile connection for which I am being charged with Rs.150 per month. I neither applied for the service(…)

BSNL Sikkim : Telephone Not Working Since Long

I am using BSNL land line with a connection number as code- –03592 for singtam ,Sikkim. My telephone number is 247053. From last Sunday, i.e. 02/05/2010, till date, i.e. 06/05/2010, the number is not working. I have made a complain to the local BSNL office along with BSNL Singtam Office. But none is ready to(…)

BSNL Telephone Dead: by Girish Sahu

Complaint: महोदय नमस्कार मेरा टेलीफ़ोन न 0771-2224737 है जो की आर डी ए बिल्डिंग शारदा चौक जोरपारा का है दिनाक 23/09/2014 से बंद है जिसका कम्प्लेन न 1020040752 है शिकायत करने के बाद भी लाइन मैन द्वारा कोई ध्यान नहीं दिया जाता टेलीफ़ोन का तार पूरा नीचे की और लटका हुआ है जिससे बार बार(…)

BSNL Cuttack (not Shifting Telephone to Nischintakoili)

Complaint: In the month of October 2013 I have requested BSNL, Cuttack circle to shift my telephone to my new place and received one SMS from BSNL on 11/10/2013 that my request for shift of phone service with reference number 12211080678 is completed. But till date it is pending with SDO OFFICE SALEPUR. The respond of(…)

BSNL Prepaid Chhattisgarh: Cheated on Talk-time

Dear Sir/ Mam, My name is Mrs. Lalita Devi Agrawal. I am a resident of Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. I own a BSNL prepaid mobile number. My BSNL number is +91 9424127957. Few days ago I received an SMS from the BSNL Prepaid Service Provider. The message was as follows- “BSNL now introduces fifty percentage extra talk(…)

BSNL : Imposing Charges of Unsubscribed Services

Dear Sir/ Mam, I own a BSNL mobile number. My mobile number is +91 9425881900. I am highly disappointed with the services provided by the BSNL. Every now & then BSNL imposes some sort of charges on my number for availing services which was never subscribed by me. I tried filing a complaint to the(…)

BSNL, Himachal Pradesh: Not Attending Complaints

Dear Sir, The following landline numbers at the Bari exchange under Dehra exchange, have been faulty for more than a year now and it is assumed that few numbers are faulty for more than two years till date. We have sent numerous complaints through 198 and we have personally met the SDO & JTO at(…)

BSNL (Patna Frea) : Amount Deducted but Mobile not Recharged

I would like to bring to your kind notice that in spite of a success message, my mobile account has not been recharged. Here are the details: Website of the Merchant: Recharge Date: 2014-01-19 at 14:31:32 Reference Number by the merchant: EGFJSO20264867 Payment ID of EBS: 22491715 Mode of Payment:  Debit Card VISA Amount:(…)

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