Airtel Mobile

Airtel Mobile: Erroneous Bill

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to submit a formal complaint against an incorrect bill in which I have been charged for mobile Internet service usage, something that I have never ever used. The billing summary of my account for the period 23/04/12 – 22/05/12, Bill no. – 767179677, shows a table amount of Rs. 7042(…)

Airtel Mobile: Deactivated SIM Without Reason

My mobile number is 09816309634. The service provider has deactivated my SIM without any valid reason. I’ve called the customer care many times and they have not been able to give me a genuine answer. In fact, the customer care representative had no knowledge of my account and simply gave me the information of my(…)

Airtel Customer Care: Not Listening to Customers

Hi, My name is Murtuza. My mobile number is 9827227152. I have called up Airtel customer care numerous times, but I never got a satisfactory reply. It seems Airtel customer care officials don’t bother to help their customers. They simply enjoy at the Centre. My opinion about them is that the customer care executives are(…)

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