Airtel, Tamil Nadu: Connection Suspended

Dear Sir, My name is Santosh Kumar. I have taken a prepaid number from Airtel with the number as 9003483685. I took this number after the submission of all the necessary documents, which is inclusive of ID proof and my photos on 7th of November, 2012. I have been using this for last one month.(…)

Airtel, Shillong: Value Added Services Auto Activated

Dear Sir, My name is M. Rahman. I own an Airtel number which is +91 9862280868. One value added service “Islam-Portal” has been activated on my mobile number. Airtel is deducting Rs.3 per day for the service. For the last twenty days I have been constantly calling the Airtel Customer Care. I had some words(…)

Airtel Tele Media Services: Erroneous ISD Bill

Dear Sir, I, Nirav K. Trivedi, service holder of Reliance Industries, have been the user of Airtel Tele Media Services for last four years. My phone number is 9998223365. The service plan is CUG. The last bill paid for the connection was Rs.1041 and outstanding bill for the next ten days is Rs.1147. When I(…)

Airtel Karnataka: Broadband Service Stopped

Hi, I am a broadband user of Airtel Karnataka. My number is 08041610663 in which broadband has not been working properly for more than one month. The service is totally absent now. I reached the authority several times with my complaint but there had not been any resolution. I made my objection to the Bangalore(…)

Airtel Mobile, Assam : Automatic Balance Deduction

Please be noted that after I made the submission of the required documents for my mobile no -9954436075 at the local customer care service, on 21st Sep 2012, my SIM just happened to get rejected suddenly on 29th Sep 2012. The very next day, ( 1st Oct 2012) I visited the local customer care center(…)

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