Aircel India, Tripura: Balance Auto Deducted

Sir, This is to bring to your notice that I am a prepaid customer of Aircel, Tripura. (Number: 9856435962). On 21 January, I received a text message containing some links. I deleted the message and after some time, my mobile balance was reduced by Rs.22. I called 198 and lodged a complaint. I was told(…)

Aircel Mobile: Poor Service

This complaint is against the Telecom Company Aircel. Within very less time came across this problem which even I feel shame to disclose with you. I made payment for my postpaid mobile on 27th of October in North East Circle, Tripura. However I found that I cannot make calls as my outgoing was barred. Immediately(…)

Aircel Orissa: Auto Subscription to Music Service

Aircel Orissa- Balance deduction by the Aircel (situated in Orissa) without any reason! Dear Sir/ Mam, My name is Mr. Rahul Sahu. I reside in Odisha. I own an Aircel connection. My Aircel number is 07590886540. On 9th June 2013 a balance of Rs. 30/- was deducted from my account all of a sudden without(…)

Aircel GSM, Orissa: No Balance Credited on Recharge

Dear Sir/ Mam, My name is Budhibaban jena. I am a prepaid customer of Aircel Orissa. On 15th February 2014 I recharged my Aircel number with Rs 68. My number is 9853110738. I recharged my number through web recharge (online). My Aircel balance was zero at the time of recharge. The recharge was successful and(…)

Aircel, Karnataka: Poor 3G speed

I am a consistent user of Aircel. My phone number is 9738267588 in which I use 3G internet plan. I have always been with either the promotional package 997 plan or the 693-697 plan. My complaint to you is in recent days I have received very poor internet service which is unexpected from a service(…)

Aircel, Maharashtra: MNP Code not Provided

Please be noted that I have been trying to receive a valid MNP code from Aircel since 6th Jan 2014, which has not yet been received. I tried contacting the call center for more than five times, and each time I get the feedback that they would revert back in 24 hours time. However, the(…)

Aircel, Maharashtra: Service not Activated after Recharge

Service not yet activated inspite of recharge being successful – Aircel, Maharashtra! Please be noted that the complaint has been made several times with the Aircel Customer care service, yet I find no response to the same. Reference No – 1-14160029621 My mobile, holding number 8796514156 was recharged with 57/- on 27th November, but I(…)

Aircel (Jammu) : Very Low Internet Speed

Dear Sir, I, a resident of Mir Mohallam, Wantabhawan, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir am using the 3G Data Plan worth Rs. 198 of a telecom company named as Aircel. The company promised me to provide 1 GB high speed data at 3mbps and after its consumption 1 GB at 128kbps for one month. But the(…)

Aircel, Assam Circle: False Billing on Internet Usage

False billing on Internet Usage – Aircel, Assam Circle! Dear Sir, This is to inform you that I have received my mobile bill for an amount of 600/- lately. The previous bill dated 20/09/2013 – 20/10/2013 was only for an amount of 281/-. On inquiring with the customer care services, I have been informed that(…)

Aircel, Orissa: Balance Deducted for no Reason

 Consumer Complaint Against Aircel, Orissa: Balance deduction by Aircel Orissa without any reason! Dear Sir, My name is Mr. Rohit Sahu. I reside in Odisha. I own an Aircel connection. On 9th June my balance was deducted from my account without any reason. I called up Aircel Customer Care to report the issue the same(…)

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