I want to inform you that Rajasthan Textile Development Corporation is selling their products by informing wrong information to customers.

I had visited Pushkar, Rajasthan on 23 Mar 2015. There I visited this above mentioned shop.

Firstly Shop representative informed me that it is a Government Owned shop.

Secondly they informed that Rajai which they are selling are filled with Pashima wool.

Thirdly they had told me that there will be no postage charges, whereas on their bill 7% postage charges are mentioned, that too stamp of postage charge is done after my signature.

Fourthly they shown me one bedsheets and informed that if you put this bedsheets in bed room then all mosquitoes will run away from that bed room.

Whatever I am informing you can be verified by their CCTV cameras.

Therefore I will request you to kindly get my all order cancelled and advance paid by me I.e. INR 5000/- to be returned back.