Dear Sir,

Please help me to get my money back from RELIANCE LIFE INSURANCE. Sir i was cheated badly, below is the details

I undersigned Mr. Dinesh Y Kakkayanavar want to bring some fact that how an Insurance company can sell a policy by giving false statements. To be in detailed of the said statement, I want to tell that how I was cheated by RELIANCE LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD.

In month of Oct’14 telephone call came from Reliance Life Insurance Co. Lt. (RLIC ) from Delhi Office that if you want LOAN at the rate of 3% then they are ready to give, first I ignore, then again after 2~3 days they called me & I told them how can they give me loan that to on 3% interest.

Then (RLIC ) brief me that if you want the loan then first you have take a Life Insurance Policy then on that policy they will give me loan as a Mortgage Loan.

Since I need of Money very much for purchase of Flat. I showed interest in there policy. They (RLIC) me that if you want Rs. 10 lacks loan then you have to give premium of One Lacks per year for 10 yrs, at the time of Maturity you will get the Maturity amount around 16 Lacks and that time they will detect there Loan Amount of Rs. 10 Lacks plus 3% interest and balance amount they will refund & also in any case if loan amount not sanctioned then we will cancel the policy and will refund the premium amount to you & also if any call receive from our office they will ask you that you a satisfy with your policy terms and conditions, then please tell them that you are satisfy with all the terms and condition otherwise if any problem arises during their call then loan will not pass.

I thought that Reliance company has very good will , so I have keep faith in their words, So I have paid Half Yearly Premium & receipt for the same I have received.

For policy I have only submitted photocopy my some of documents line Pan Card, Adhar Card & I have not signed any documents on policy. Then they told me that you will receive the Loan amount on 05th Feb’15. Before 05th Feb’15 I was calling to them that if any documents required for passing the loan, every time they told me no need of any documents.
But when I called then on 05th Feb’15 for Loan they told me that you have to give us the SATISFACTORY LETTER to us then only they will release the loan amount, I told them I was asking many times before this that if any documents required for the loan passing & you told not required, Now how can you suddenly demand this type of letter,

then they told me to mail this letter to us, since I was in need of money I mailed the letter to their mail id which they have given , then I called them, they told we have received your mail & the loan amount will be transfer before 8.00 pm.

But all in vain I didn’t received any loan amount, then in next day on 06th Feb’15 I called them what happened, then they start demanding that SATISFACTORY LETTER in hard copy, I told them that you told to mail me and same I have done and you also told me that we will transfer the amount.

Now they start arguing that it is our procedure & we have to follow the same, then I lost my temper I also start arguing that you didn’t told me of any procedure before this which I have asked your many times, but every time you told not required, now how can you demand.

They told me that they required the hard copy only, after receiving that hard copy only they will transfer the amount, since I was in need of loan I agreed the same & I have couriered that SATISFACTORY LETTER on fast service, after 4 days I received message from courier company that we have delivered your courier, when I called RLIC they told we have not received any documents, there also they start arguing, at that time also I kept quit, in fear that they will reject my loan, they told as an when they will receive the letter they will inform to me, but all in vain, after 2~3 days I again called to them still they didn’t received the courier,

the y told me that today only they have received the letter and by tomorrow they will transfer the loan amount, I got happy at last I will receive the loan, but after 2~3 days I didn’t received the amount I called them, then that they were telling me that due to some server problem thy cant transfer the amount, by today 4 they will transfer the amount, when I called at 4 they told me that they I have transfer your amount, please check the Bank statement, at same time I have checked by my mobile but no amount has been transfer to my account.

Then I again called them, but they were not picking my call, then I tried from another Mobile no, at that time they picked and start arguing with me why your are calling, I told them from last 15 days you are fooling me that you will give me the loan amount, but still I didn’t received, so I am calling you.

They start arguing with me now they have started given bad words. By hearing I also lost temper then I told them to cancel my policy, which you have told me that if your didn’t receive the loan amount you will cancel the policy and the premium amount you will receive.

So this is my humble request you to cancel the policy and refund my premium amount as soon as possible. Since I have purchase the policy for the loan, which i have not got still. And the most important thing is that i have not signed any single document for purchase of policy, and all the signature in the policy is not of my, all are proxy signature. If you want you can cross check the same. Nor i have given written application to start ecs facility to pay the premium, but they have applied for same without my permission & signature.

Since i am need of loan, i am applying loan from another bank, so i will not able to pay the premium amount. So cancel may policy.

The person whom i have talked from rlic and who has given false statement and bad words is mention below
delhi office mr sumit agarwal – mobile no 8745085409 & 8468999691
office land lines no: – 01133216135, 01133216390, 01133128742, 01133216476

Address which i have couriered all my photo copies & satisfactory letter is as below
reliance finance
rz a-218, mahaveer enclave, part 2,
mangal bazar road,
new delhi – 110059

Thanks & regards,

Dinesh y kakkayanavar
09320780378, 9730039730

Policy no :- 51969768