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Diana Bus Service: charging double fare in Kolkata-Angul Rout

Complaint: Diana Bus Service Vehicle No- WB-53-B-0967, WB-53-B-0977 Route- Angul-Kolkata-Angul. Issues- Double charges against existing rates in Sleeper Seats The bus takes two times more fare for sleeper tickets. The existing bus service. Dolphin Bus Service takes Rs. 500 per sleeper, whereas this bus forcibly takes two people in a sleeper and collects Rs.1000/-per sleeper. On(…)

SMG Agricultural Products India: cheated at Westbengal

Complaint: One of the agent of SMG Agricultural Products India limited, At- 2/16 Vidyasagar ,Jadavpur, Kolkata 700086 (ph : 03365010450) Regd no.U01403WB2011PLC166421 has told us that by depositing Rs. 1500 per month, we will get Rs. 21150 on date of maturity 19.09.2012. I had deposited in the name of Gouri Basuthakur (Policy Holder); But now neither agent(…)

West Bengal RTO: delaying ownership transfer

Complaint: I had purchased a second hand car of make Volkswagen model Polo Registration no: WB 02 AE 2042 from a friend of mine and applied for the ownership transfer on 10th July 2014. After several delays the ownership got transferred on 22nd September. It is been 30th October I still don’t have the registration papers(…)

Maturity not received from Himangini Infracon India Limited

Complaint: I am an agent of Himangini Infracon India Limited. My agent code is- HOK0019931. After maturity period, till now we have not received the money from that company. The Company details are mentioned below. 1. Company name: “Himangini Infracon India Limited”. 2. Company address: Sarada Lane, Saharpur, (Opp. A.P. C. College), Post- Jugberia, P.S.- Ghola,(…)

Election Commission Kolkata: Voter Card Issue

We have three Voter cards, which have been issued for three family members, named Debasish, Pampa and Anjali Mukherjee. These cards required an alteration in terms of address mentioned there as we have shifted our residence. We are falling under Bally Constituency (169) and will continue to remain under same constituency, even after shifting of(…)

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