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LIC of India : Online Payment not Update

Dear sir, My policy no. is 733251990. I have made online payment of Rs.1232/- with ref.no.00055629706 on 28.02.14. The amount was debited from my a/c. But till now receipt not received and further payment i can’t make it online for the year 2014-15. I request you to kindly clear and do the needful regards chandreshan(…)

Bluechip International: A Fraud Agency

This is a complain on a Agency named Bluechip International head office in Banglore and in Chennai. Address – Bluechip Services (International) Pvt Ltd No:18, 7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 1st Floor, State Bank of Mysore Building, HRBR Layout, Kalyannagar, Bangalore – 560043 / INDIA Tel: +91-80-42052846 / 47 / 48 +91-080-42729786 and Bluechip Services(…)

Paytm: sent wrong product and cheated (Tamil Nadu)

Complaint: I had ordered SONY MDR XB400 which is cost Rs 2000 and I got discount 40% cashback 800 rupees total paid =Rs 1200. Here is the problem when I got the delivery the product I received is SONY MDR XB450 not SONY MDR XB400 actually it [sony mdrxb400] costs about  1800-2000 rupees and interesting thing is(…)

Dishnet Wireless Limited: Payment Not Received from

I am one of the Channal Partnet in Dishnet Wireless Ltd from 2011. from sep.2013 my commission amount not received, but dishnet get commission invoice from myside. From sep.2014 commssion provision statement not received from dishnet. Company & Product name: DISHNET WIRELESS LIMITED Category of Complaint: Telecommunications Name: SHIVAKUMAR.P E-mail: soft_siva dot yahoo.com Country: India(…)

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