Sikkim State Consumer Dispute Court and Redressed Forum | Consumer Complaint

Axis Bank: Not Shifting Bank Account

I wanted to shift my Account with Axis Bank, from Sikkim to Bangalore. But they have not done the same in last three months. Inspite of requesting for the same for umpteen times and inspite of submitting all the relevant documents quite a few times, nothing happened yet. I am exhausted now and I expect(…)

Himalayan Travels: Worst Service to Customers

Himalayan Travels Can be considered to be the worst traveling company in India. They have cheated us during our tour to Darjeeling and Sikkim tour. They charge a very high rate. We were three groups from Gujarat who were passengers in this trip. We have earlier traveled with other traveling agencies. They have provided us(…)

BSNL Sikkim : Telephone Not Working Since Long

I am using BSNL land line with a connection number as code- –03592 for singtam ,Sikkim. My telephone number is 247053. From last Sunday, i.e. 02/05/2010, till date, i.e. 06/05/2010, the number is not working. I have made a complain to the local BSNL office along with BSNL Singtam Office. But none is ready to(…)

ICFAI Sikkim : Not Responding to Students’ Problem

Dear Sir, I had enrolled for the distance course in MBA program under ICFAI University, Sikkim in the month of September 2011.At the time of admission, the Centre Head had promised and committed a lot of things to me and my father. A nutshell of the same are as given below: 1. There will be(…)

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