Punjab State Consumer Dispute Court and Redressed Forum | Consumer Complaint

Patiala Kesari of Punjab: Incorrect News

Today Patiala Kesari of Punjab served a wrong news about social activity. Asocial service was provided by GAU EWA DAL Patiala which the Patiala Kesari reporter changed to be provided by BJPA GAU VANSH VIKAS Protection Cell. This kind of irresponsibility from the reporters is unexpected. It is requested to the editor to deliver original(…)

Punjab Police: Drunk Police Officer on Duty

Last month I went to visit Golden Temple in Amritsar along with my wife. At one night we were going to our hotel near the Golden Temple from the railway station a police officer halted us. He was totally drunk. The officer harassed us keeping us held for two hours. His behavior was totally unprofessional.(…)

Global Solutions, Punjab: Fraud Job Provider

Recently I received a call from a lady executive of Global Solution who said that I was selected for a job. The lady claimed that Global Solution was a representative of many job provider sites like Shine, naukri, monster, etc. I was informed that I my job would be some MNC and the salary package(…)

HDFC Bank : Unable to Withdraw FDR

I make this complaint against HDFC bank about their inefficient service regarding FDR. My FDR account number is 50300135112004 which got maturity on December 3, 2013. But regretfully, the bank authority failed to help me in the withdrawal of the FDR. The branch manager informed me that I had taken some overdraft against the account(…)

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