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Zydus Healthcare: Stopped Supply of Medicine

  Dear Sir, I am requesting you to let me know about the availability of the medicine Persantin 100 mg, the manufacturer of which is the pharmaceutical company, Zydus Healthcare, Sikkim. My father was prescribed to have this medicine by his physician. He was also getting good result by having this medicine. So he wants(…)

NESCO: Contractor Laying Cables on Private Plot

Complaint: I am a resident of Meghadambaru under suply 2. recently Electrical department has given contract for extension of line beyond my home in the side. The contractor is laying the line over my plot/house. Despite of personal request/objection he is not responding. Kindly direct the contractor to lay the line over the road instead(…)

CESU: Not Replacing Electric Cable in Astarang Since Long

Complaint: This for your kind information that,I am Bipin Bihari Das, has lodge a complain in CMGC in orissa against Electrical complain,vide Complain Registration No OR105/E/2014/00115 Dt 09.06.14,the same complain is pending in under process by CESU MD cum Chairman since last 71 days. My complain is that exchange of old cable which is not(…)

BSNL Cuttack (not Shifting Telephone to Nischintakoili)

Complaint: In the month of October 2013 I have requested BSNL, Cuttack circle to shift my telephone to my new place and received one SMS from BSNL on 11/10/2013 that my request for shift of phone service with reference number 12211080678 is completed. But till date it is pending with SDO OFFICE SALEPUR. The respond of(…)

Green India Multi-State Members’ Credit Co-op Society (not Refunding Money)

Complaint: Dear sir I have opened a daily deposit account with GREEN INDIA MULTI-STATE MEMBERS’S CREDIT CO-OP.SOCIETY LTD in 2nd Apr 2012 for a tenure of 360 days. My account has been matured on 18th Jan 2013.I have not yet received the maturity amount. Please help me Company & Product name: GREEN INDIA MULTI-STATE MEMBERS’S(…)

Tripuri Enterprises Cheating for Land (Cuttack)

Dear Sir, I have paid more than rupees 3 lakh (three lakh) to Tripuri Enterprises private limited in 2012/13 towards purchase of land and other polices. The UIP of company is u45201or2010ptc011926 and registered. The identification and name of company head are as under. 03060173 Shivdutta Naik ( Managing Director ) 01093919 Anand kumar sahoo (Director(…)

Cuttack Municipal Corporation: Not Providing Minimum Facility

Complaint:  From last one month the dustbin from our area has been removed and all the wastes are disposed on the road, please provide a dustbin in our area, alamchand bazar Company & Product name: CUTTACK MUNICIPAL CORPORATION Category of Complaint: -> Municipal Corporation Name: CHETNA AGARWAL E-mail: [email protected] Country: India State: Odisha Phone:

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