Nagaland State Consumer Dispute Court and Redressed Forum | Consumer Complaint

Airtel Mobile: Erroneous Bill

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to submit a formal complaint against an incorrect bill in which I have been charged for mobile Internet service usage, something that I have never ever used. The billing summary of my account for the period 23/04/12 – 22/05/12, Bill no. – 767179677, shows a table amount of Rs. 7042(…)

Overnite Express Ltd: Goods Stolen Form Parcel

Reference: Consignment No. 3130127055, dated October 12, 2012 from Dhanbad to Dimapur. Dear Sir/Madam, With reference to the above mentioned subject, please note that a a ladies’ t-shirt (from Allen Solly) that was worth Rs. 1399 was pilfered from the above detailed parcel that was sent to me by: Adarsh Jain S/O Jiwandhar Kr. Bakliwal,(…)

Idea Cellular Ltd, Nagaland: Request for Deactivation

I had recently taken a new postpaid connection (MSISDN No. 9085032374) from Idea Cellular Ltd. However, I no longer need it and I want to surrender the same.Hence, it would be nice if my connection is deactivated at the earliest. Thanking you. Dipali Sarma M: 9678072135 House No.5, Sachal Path, Near Nagaland House, Six Mile,(…)

Income Tax Department: Awaiting IT Refund

An application was sent to the IT Commissioner on 27th June,2011, by Janjati Shiksha Samiti for 80G(5)(vi). Asst.Commissioner of IT, Circle Dimapur, sent us F.No.80G(5)(vi)/ACIT/DMP/2011-12/641 on 28th July,2011,for production of documents for the examination purpose on 4th August,2011. We went there on the date they mentioned and submitted the relevant documents, which they specified in(…)

ICICI Prudential, Nagaland: Invalid Cheque

Hi, My Mother-in-law had surrendered her Policy long back. Her name is Jamuna Rai. The postal address is same as ICICI Prudential itself. Her policy was of Rs.50000 per year. She has got the surrender cheque lately with a grace period of 6 days left. Unfortunately, she was not not having any Bank Account in(…)

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