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The Oriental Insurance Company Limited: Rejected Mediclaim for No Reason

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited: Rejected Mediclaim for No Reason

I had taken health insurance (Mediclaim) for my parents with ” The Oriental Insurance Company Limited.” My father had to go in for a open heart surgery during October 2014. I had sent the Hospital ( Asian Heart institute) Discharge summary along with all the medical bills from hospital amounting to approx. Rs.8.5 Lac since(…)

Autobahn India, Navi Mumbai: Delay in Service

My car had met with an accident on November 20th 2013 and it was in a condition where it could be driven. The car was hence picked up by Autobhavan ( Volkswagen Workshop) at Nehru Mumbai. I had complained about a malfunction as the Dashboard and they told me it might be due to the(…)

MGL, Mumbai: Delay in Gas Connection

Sir, This is to bring to your notice that, we members of the Jamuna Society had applied for gas connection in 2011, but till date have not received any message from the MGL. Please provide us the reason for the delay as the society members are eagerly waiting for the connections, especially the senior citizens(…) Teleshopping: Fraud Shopping Site

Please note that I had purchased a Portable Sauna Bath which was said having 2 years warranty plus a Free Sauna Slim belt. I had bought from contacting this number and site – 09990189750, saunabelts(dot)in. However, I have not received the free sauna slim belt and are not responding to my calls thereafter the purchase.(…)

Vodafone, Mumbai: Poor Customer Service

This is to bring to notice that I am a regular user of Vodafone connection (no 9167130817) and haven’t used 3G dongle for a few months. However after I recharged my phone on Dec 6th, and when trying to connect to the internet, I receive a message which states” Service not activated”. While contacting the(…)

LIC of India, Mumbai: Maturity Amount not Paid

This is to enlighten the fact that I have not received my payment on my pension from the LIC even after making an RTI application on 12.12.2013 along with a mandatory fee of Rs.10/- and attaching a postal order. However I have not received any kind of feedback till date. Kindly advice as tow hat(…)

Western Railway, Mumbai: Harassing Public at Platform

This is to bring to your kind attention that I am being sexually harassed by the public (which includes both men and women) whenever I pass through the Borivali Railways station platform or bridge. Whenever I pass by, these people either touch me on my body which I am not comfortable or they push and(…)

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