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Mizoram GPO: Not Transferring SB Account

Please be noted that in Jan 2006, I had made a request to transfer my SB account from Field Post Office (FPO) from (Lunglei) Mizoram to General Post Office (GPO), Sagar, Shimoga District, Karnataka. My SB account no was 3050098. For the past five years nothing has happened and whenever I esquire with the Field(…)

DTDC Courier: Providing Poor Service

Dear Sir, Please be noted that I had booked two packets which were Tender Quotation To College Of Veterinary, Udgil. The first packet was booked on 13th May with document no: F05881835 & F 05881836 from Nairana office and the second on 14th May with document no: F 05881572 from Hjandewala Office. Since this was(…)

Mizoram SBI RACPC: Cheating Students

My name is Salman Khan and I am a student of National Institute of Technology Mizoram doing Computer Science And Engineering course B-Tech , 3rd semester. I am basically from a poor family and my finances are a bit too tight. In order to continue my studies I thought of availing an education loan. I(…)

Tata Motors: Very Poor Service

This is Sangkima from Mizoram. I would like to bring to notice about the poor service provided by TATA Motors when I lodged in a complaint. In Aug 2011 I bought the Tata Aria (Pleasure 4X4) from Guwahati – Ghosh Brothers Automobiles and everything was smooth till I faced a problem. On Nov 2011, while(…)

bookshopofindia dot com: Not Dispatching Books

Please be noted that I had made a purchase of two books online from bookshopofindia dot com. The address given in their site is as follows: Bookshop of India, WP-502, 1st Floor, Shiv Market, Ashok Vihar, Phase-1, Delhi – 110 052, India, Customer care Tel – 91-11-47037058 According to the company, the order was processed(…)

IRCTC : Not Refunding TDR Amount

Please note that I have been waiting for my TDR for some time now. I tried contacting many persons regarding this and for my money back, however I have not yet received a suitable reply. Still the message is shown as “under verification”. Whenever I tried contacting them, they always inform me that , within(…)

Air India: Not Refunding Failed Transaction Money

Please note that I, Mr. Sandip Pramanik had made a booking through Air India using their website on 27th April 2012. During the transaction, I had made the payment through net banking from my SBI account. I instantly also received a message that the amount of 6731/- has been debited from my account with regard(…)

OLX : Fraud Account Holders

This to highlight about the fraud activities happening through OLX. I happened to see adds recently at OLX about a cheap Apple Macbook pro and Apple iPhone. These ads are asking people to connect through either Blackberry pin: 28B8BD0A or Skype Id : mohammad.usain and best.deal3. I tried contacting them on Skype and when inquired(…)

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