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MGU Published Erronious MBA Result

Complaint: This complaint is regarding the MBA papers corrected by this university. Since my results are out I am highly disappointed to know that I have secured very less percentage compared to my expectations. Firstly I do not know on what basis do they correct the answer paper are they looking for quantity of ans ?? I want to(…)

C.M.J University, Meghalaya: Wrong Marksheet

Dear Sir, My name is Rajender Singh. I have completed my B.A from the C.M.J University, Meghalaya. I want to verify my B.A. mark sheet with the University because it is showing some spelling mistakes. My father’s name mentioned in the mark sheet is also incorrect. I have constantly been trying to get in touch(…)

Paradise Grand Hotel, UK: Fake Offer Letter

My name is Rakesh Kadam. I am a resident of New Delhi. Last week I received a bogus kind of appointment letter from the Paradise Grand Hotel, situated in Port Mouth City, United Kingdom. As per the letter I was selected as their Hotel’s General Manager. I had no idea upon which criteria they selected(…)

North Eastern Electric Power Corporation: Not Paying PF Money

Dear Sir, My name is Someswar Chakrabarti. I reside in Shillong, Meghalaya. I am working as a Secretary in the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND TRUST (EPF Trust), NEEPCO Limited, Shillong. On 4th July 2010, I wrote a letter to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (RPFC) sub regional Office, EPO, 44(…)

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