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Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (sent erroneous bill)

Complaint: Hi Team, My Name is Arvind and I have taken possession of my flat in Wagholi Pune,address and details of electricity connection is given below: Address: Arvindkuma S Gupta Flat no E-707,GAT N0 861/1 & 2, Maple Woodz,Wagholi, Pune-412207 Consumer no- 170524256102 I have just taken possession in Oct and did pooja on 9th(…)

Vodafone provides faulty bill at Maharastra

Complaint: Faulty bill and incorrect information provided by Vodafone agents and even the system. I am using the vodafone postpaid (9833424021) since many years. Since last few months, had started using the “Friend And Family” service i.e. once free vodafone number at the rental of 49. One month back there was a new Vodafone Red plan got(…)

Oriental Insurance Company: Cheating on Mediclaim Policy

Complaint: My father was admitted to the hospital for Hernia operation on two occasion, once he was admitted to Purnima Hospital, Borivali East, Mumbai on 12/11/2014 to 13/11/2014 and second time he admitted at Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, Mira Road East, on 18/11/2014 to 19/11/2014. We have applied for Pre-authorization for cashless procedure but there was(…)

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