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Airtel Broadband: Plan Not Activated

Dear sir , My name is Dheeraj Raikwar and my Airtel Number is 07614081580. I am residing in Madhya Pradesh. I have been using Airtel Broad Band Connection in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. Fifteen days back I got an offer from Airtel with a new plan, which is termed as Airtel BB999 (Broad Band 999).(…)

Madhya Pradesh Ministry of Education: Not Initiating Traffic Education

Respected Sir, The teaching of the subject on Civic Sense and Traffic Education has not yet been initiated  by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in schools. This has resulted to initiation of  excessive proportion of  crisis in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh with the growing level of arrogance, misconduct, and anti socialism. This ,(…)

My Prayer to High Court Jabalpur, MP – B.N Wankhade

Hi, My name is B.N Wankhade and I am a resident of Bhopal. My service case is continuing in Jabalpur High Court (Madhya Pradesh).8074 is my court case number.The initiation of the case was on 2005 against Bhopal Development Authority, Bhopal. But yet in 2011, case is yet to get resolved. I check the updates(…)

Idea Cellular : Not Activating Mobile Numbers

Respected Sir, I deposited all the requisite documents for activation of my mobile number on 9th at  Gwalior Office , Jinsi Nala and forwarded the same on 11th of the month. Then why the documentation is not done on time? My mobile numbers are 7354919319, 7354919348,7697956943 and 7354919349. All these numbers are not working, though(…)

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