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RTO, Barrackpore: Delaying Transfer of Vehicle Registration

RTO, Barrackpore: Delaying Transfer of Vehicle Registration

I want to transfer the registration of my Scooty from RTO Bangalore, Karnataka to RTO Barrackpur, West Bengal. I have submitted the application, along with all the documents requested, to RTO Barrackpur, West Bengal on 8th December 2014. I have collected the no objection certificate from RTO Bangalore, which was approved by Bangalore Police Commisoner,(…)

Paytm: Product not Delivered

Complaint: Hello, I have ordered a american tourister backpack with the order no. 657995148 And the estimated delivery was 21st November 2014.. And still I have not been informed about it…consider it and reply soon Thank you Company & Product name: American tourister backpack Category of Complaint: -> Online Shopping Name: KIRAN KULKARNI E-mail: [email protected](…)

Shivani College (Kachiguda) : Cheating Educated People

Hi, You will be dazed to know that Shivani College (Kachiguda) is offering B.Tech under the collaboration of Karnataka State Open University (KSOU). Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) is a reputed university for ages. The university neither does offer any B.Tech program in their subject list nor did they conduct B.Tech in their history. Shivani(…)

Aircel, Karnataka: Poor 3G speed

I am a consistent user of Aircel. My phone number is 9738267588 in which I use 3G internet plan. I have always been with either the promotional package 997 plan or the 693-697 plan. My complaint to you is in recent days I have received very poor internet service which is unexpected from a service(…)

BMTC, Bangalore: Misbehave of Ticket Checker

Hi, I am Aradhana, a Scientist and Team Leader, working in a top biological company in Bangalore. I usually travel in BMTC bus from Yashwantpur to Cantonment Railway Station on the way to my job. On January 24, 2014 I boarded on BMTC bus 252A/7 (KA 50 F 161, D 22) at around 4:45 PM(…)

Vodafone Karnataka: Erroneous Bill

My name is Dhiraj Khare and I am a regular consumer Vodafone mobile service. I have been disbursing two Vodafone Karnataka lines for last 2(two) years numbered, 8884406775 and 8884406525. Last month I decided to take the 3G plan for my mobile in 8884406775 number and called the Relationship Manager. The Relationship Manager informed me(…)

Tata Docomo, Karnataka: Outgoing Barred

Hi, I am a TATA DOCOMO user. My outgoing has been barred by Team TATA DOCOMO for more than 4(four) days with the accusation that I make commercial calls. I do use the connection only to call family and friends and have very good payment history. I repeatedly reached to them with my request of(…)

Univercell, Udupi : Showroom Manager Misbehaves Consumer

On December 23, 2013, I bought a Nokia 105 form Univercell, Udupi. Within few weeks the set started troubling me as it hanged and automatically switches off several times. I contacted the Nokia Service Center, Udupi when they suggested me to go to Univercell showroom. The response I got from the showroom manager was really(…)

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