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Sulekha.com: Not Delivering Mobile Phone

I had placed an order for a Karbonn a18 mobile – black and silver from Sulekha, order number sul6868555356 on 16th Sept, with expected delivery date 24th September. But it so happens that I have still not received the order. It is still on the ready to ship status. Every time I have inquired by(…)

IRCTC Account- Mobile Verification Code not Received

Dear Sir/Ma’am, My previous IRCTC account expired; as a result I had to create a new account for myself. Accordingly, I opened an account with a new User name. The password was sent to me via mail, however the mobile verification process could not be completed as there is problem of receiving text messages here(…)

JKCET Admit Card not Issued

Respected Sir, I have applied for JKCET 2008 and was expecting the admit card like normal candidates. But I did not get my admit card. After contacting the board, I was told that my form must have got rejected due to any error. As I was not satisfied with this answer. I contacted the officials(…)

Aircel (Jammu) : Very Low Internet Speed

Dear Sir, I, a resident of Mir Mohallam, Wantabhawan, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir am using the 3G Data Plan worth Rs. 198 of a telecom company named as Aircel. The company promised me to provide 1 GB high speed data at 3mbps and after its consumption 1 GB at 128kbps for one month. But the(…)

Reliance Telecom, Jammu: New Sim not Activated

Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that I bought a Reliance Sim under Jammu and Kashmir circle, whose number is +919018529626 about two weeks ago. The problem is that even after two weeks my number is not active. The retailer has told me to visit the Reliance Care at jain Bazar, Jammu. The(…)

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