Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh Consumer Dispute Court and Redressed Forum | Consumer Complaint

NGO Jan Sena: A Corrupted Organisation

This is a direct against Jayveer Godara (President of Jan Sena) for fraudulent activities with public money on the pretext of funding an NGO named Jan Sena. Through this, he has already accumulated money worth of billions. Mr. Godara has received active support from Manoop Kumar, a leader in Himachal Pradesh, and an equally corrupted person(…)

Airtel Mobile: Deactivated SIM Without Reason

My mobile number is 09816309634. The service provider has deactivated my SIM without any valid reason. I’ve called the customer care many times and they have not been able to give me a genuine answer. In fact, the customer care representative had no knowledge of my account and simply gave me the information of my(…)

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