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Oriental Insurance: Cliam is Pending from 5 months

I have Oriental Insurance Happy flatter family medicliam policy. policy no 14120048201420415.last year 23 /9/14 my daughter hospitalized for viral fever.she Discharge on 27/9/14. All claime related documents submit on 29/9/14 to my insurance agent . NA0000003822.Agent code:BA0000049895 Named Mahesh B.Goswami.still my claim is not proceed. pls take some strong step for it.

Idea Cellular Gujarat Circle: Auto Balance Deducted

Dear Sir/ Mam, On 1st February a sum of Rupees 49/- was subtracted from my Idea account. A message was displayed for the same. I was ‘Thank you for downloading ALL channels fifteen days from APALYA, You have been charged rupees 49/-.’ Sir I haven’t downloaded any kind of Complaint on my phone. I request(…)

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