Goa State Consumer Dispute Court and Redressed Forum | Consumer Complaint

Sharma Real Estate at Goa: Cheating Customers

Dear Sir/ Mam, We have purchased a flat from M/s Sharma Real Estate Alto- Porovrim. The flat was located at Goa Housing Board (LCF number- 78) at Mapusa. I paid a sum of Rs. 9, 50,000/- for the same. On 7th December 2012 the sale deed agreement was also signed in the presence of Mr.(…)

BSNL: Charging for Disconnected Broadband Services

Dear Sir/ Mam, In the month of September 2010 I had activated my BSNL broadband connection. At the time of availing the services I had deposited a sum of Rs. 1,750/-. Due to some personal family reasons I was unable to pay the bill for the month of November- December. I received a text message(…)

Regional Passport Office, Goa (Non Issuance of Passport )

To, The Regional Passport Office, Goa Subject- Non issuance of passport of Miss. Maria Caetana, Pin to- file number 006 482, key number 820 064 8211. Dear Sir, On 4th December 2013 I applied for the reissue of my passport. It’s been so many months I have placed an application & since then I am(…)

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