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Dell India: False Commitment on Accidental Warranty

Dell India: False Commitment on Accidental Warranty

Sir/Mam I have purchased dell latitude laptop on 21 Dec from B.M. Computers, Ara tag no. 2hkd402 which came along with a accidental warranty for a year which will be provided by dell India to me. Unfortunately I met an accident on a rainy day of 21 January when my bike slipped on road due(…)

Idea Cellular Disconnected Service

Dear Sir, It is with a very heavy heart to bring to your kind notice about the looting, cheating, harassment and mental tension created for their gentleman customers by IDEA. As follow: That we have four numbers 9914703461, 9855603461; 9814660461 and 9781993461 in the name of my daughter in law Mrs Tarandeep Kaur under corporate(…) ( Non-delivery of Books)

I have a complaint with www(dot)bookshpofindia(dot)com website regarding a purchase of a book. My order id is BOI56119. Book was booked on 29/12/2014 and cash was withdrawn from my bank account.but book was not yet received. please redress the complaint or refund my cash . No response from that site even after many complaints sent.(…)

Hi-Tech Group (Land Dispute) – By Jhankar Rayjit

Hi-Tech Group (Land Dispute) – By Jhankar Rayjit

They were arrested by the Economic Offence Wing (EOW) of the state Crime Branch on December 25, 2012 and granted bail only on February 21, 2014. Honorable Supreme Court, which had granted conditional bail to Hi-Tech Group Managing Director Tirupati Panigrahi and two other Directors, has directed the real estate firm to refund money to(…)

QNET- Threatening and Cheating Innocent People

Complaint: I am Vaibhav Singh, employee of Ericsson Global India Limited. Actually my friend fraud me by taking 2.3 lakh rupees from me on for watch business and then log-in me to a multi0level marketing company at Hong-kong.Now when I asked for my money he is just saying you are register on the system and(…)

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