Bihar State Consumer Dispute Court and Redressed Forum | Consumer Complaint

Passport office: Showing Fraudulent Act

Complaint: As per scheduled appointment date,I reached Passport office Patna but clerk return my file whereas Annexture -D is only applicable for Woman applicant but clerk asked me to submit Annexture-D that is totally wrong. kindly take necessary action against office authorities for wasting my valuable time and money and giving physical and mental tension. My(…)

North Bihar Power Dept: Irregularity in Delivery of Bill

Complaint: dear,sir my bill is not coming at my home my sarisab pahi.village.pahi tol pokhar bhira .bill connection name .my mother shanti devi w/o Rasid mandal. my bill is not coming connection times so kindly forward my bill at my home Company & Product name: north bihar power distribution Category of Complaint: Electronics(…)

Bihar State Electricity Board: False Bill Generation

Sir, This is to bring to your kind notice that I, Prem Ranjan Sinha, am lodging this complaint on behalf of my mother, Shanti Devi. We are residents of Chapra, District- Bihar Saran. This letter is to lodge a complaint against North Bihar State Electricity Board for generation of false bill and incorrect meter reading.(…)

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