Assam State Consumer Dispute Court and Redressed Forum | Consumer Complaint

Bhasker Gas: Not Delivering Gas Cylinder After Booking

Complaint: this is to inform that my gas consumer no is A027651 i have booked cylinder thru online on 11 September. I got the cash memo number 3000094284 but then I received an email that it is cancelled. Again I have been to the agency BHASKER GAS in rehabari they had just wrote the name(…)

Assam Power Distribution Company: (supplying low voltage electric power)

Complaint: I am a resident of Tanti Goan, Titabor, jorhat which comes under the Titabor Electrical Sub Division, Titabor-785630. We have seen experiencing low voltage electricity supply for a long time. The reason for this low voltage is because APDCL is providing electrical connection to some consumers who are running small scale industries in the village(…)

Hiya Gas Agency, Assam: Not Supplying Gas

Sir, This is to bring to you kind notice that I am currently facing a great trouble with the Hiya gas agency people in not providing my gas connection. I currently reside at Guwahati. Mine is a transferable job and therefore, connections also get transferred. I was transferred from Nagaon to Dibrugarh in 2007 and(…)

Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd.: Low Voltage Electric Supply

I am a resident of Chandan Nagar, Barsajai, Guwahati-34 which comes under the Garbhanga Electrical Sub Division, Guwahati -34. We have seen experiencing low voltage electricity supply for a very long time. The reason for this low voltage is only because APDCL is proving electrical connection to consumers , without checking into the proper plans(…)

NEF College, Guwahati : Conducting Fraud MBA Exam

To – Parents, students and Staff of NEF College This is to bring to the notice of all parents, staff and students of the NEF College of management And technology, that it has been lately understood the affiliation of the college to conduct exams has been taken off by the University. My son is a(…)

SBI (New Silchar Branch): Not Processing Family Pension

Dear Sir/ Madam Please be noted that I am a widow and I reside in the village of Uttar Krishnapur, Pt-II, MLA Lane, Sonai road, Silchar – 788006, Cachar. I had made my application for a family pension. However, I find that the process has not yet been activated and no procedures are done to(…)

Airtel Mobile, Assam : Automatic Balance Deduction

Please be noted that after I made the submission of the required documents for my mobile no -9954436075 at the local customer care service, on 21st Sep 2012, my SIM just happened to get rejected suddenly on 29th Sep 2012. The very next day, ( 1st Oct 2012) I visited the local customer care center(…)

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