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SBI not Linking Adhar to Bank Account

Sir I am sai kumar. I am not getting my as subsidy because of my Adhar No & State Bank of India a/c are not linking to NPCI my Adhar no is 481604348191 and my SBI A/c number is 20133040012 please link my Adhar & Bank a/c to NPCI(national payment corporation of India).

Kapil Chit (Kosta) Pvt. Ltd.: Payments Made, but not Reflects in the Statement

I am one of the guarantors for a chit account with Kapil Chits. We have paid a total amount of Rs.60,000/- to company’s executives in various installments. But the statement of accounts provided by them shows only Rs.30,000/ paid towards monthly installments and around Rs.8,000/- towards penalties and interest. When inquired for the discrepancy the(…)

Local Goons and Leaders of Andhra Pradesh: Land Scam

The district of Keesara Mandal RR, Hyderabad and its surroundings, including, Nagaram, Yadgarpalli, etc, account for over two-thirds of all land grab cases registered across the state. Plots purchased by lower and middle class populace, 10 to 20 years back have been taken over by local goons and their leaders. To the great despair of(…)

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