About Us

ConsumerComplaint.ind.in is a Consumer Complaint website. We are ever eloquent to uphold the view of the consumers, their complaints and, the resolution to their objections. We believe that consumers have the genuine right to speak against any negligence they face.

ConsumerComplaint.ind.in is a website through which we enable Indian Consumers succumb their complaints. This policy makes our users to join a consumer’s forum where they would be enabled to submit their complaints against any Government, Non-Government and, Private companies. Our users can grumble against any Authority or Brand through ConsumerComplaint.ind.in.

ConsumerComplaint.ind.in makes a bridge between Indian Consumers and the Authorities or Brands providing judicious resolution to the complaints. It is remarkable that ConsumerComplaint.ind.in helps those consumers to proceed to Consumers Court, India if they do not get proper decision from the Authorities or Brands.


ConsumerComplaint.ind.in™ is a Registered Trademark of ConsumerComplaint.ind.in. ConsumerComplaint.ind.in does not outright any Logo or Trademark of the third parties. The User Help guidelines and the display of our logo is to instruct our users only. We do not bear liability related to the third party involvement.

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